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Organisation and management consulting

What can we do for you ?

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Yes, 2021 is scary, but who would look back ? Welcome to 2021! Onward and upward! war-roag !

iKER - consulting firm in Laval (53), Rennes (35), La Flèche (72).
Intervention throughout France and internationally

iKER® is a management consulting firm based in Laval.

On a daily basis, our consultants provide support for organisational change, project management and process optimisation in the West of France, throughout France and internationally.

These projects could be yours:


  • Development and monitoring of a strategic HR plan: vision, action plans, indicators

  • Creation of shared service centres (accounting, HR, payroll, IT)

  • Repositioning of 5 business units in a context of strong internationalisation

  • Diagnosis of the organisation and the commercial offer

  • Inter-subsidiary benchmark, conclusion and formulation of decisions to be taken

  • Relocation of 2 head offices

  • Missions, positioning and size of digital marketing teams in the group and in the divisions

  • Deployment of a transport application and implementation of the ADV and supply-chain organisations

  • Support for the creation of a new warehouse

  • Audit of projects carried out by the group and drafting of best practices for project management

  • Action plans in the context of an activity transfer/takeover

  • Development of tools and methods for the audit of the takeover of commercial activities 

  • Internal trainer: change management, project management, co-development

  • Diagnosis of the upstream sector (food industry)

  • Workshop visit and lean management / 5S action plan in co-development method



Our consultants work on the overall organisation of your company,

according to our shared observations and your expectations

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